44th National Táncház Festival & Fair • 4–6 April 2025
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Review: Béri Balogh Ádám Folk Dance Ensemble 50th anniversary performance. The ensemble’s home is the town of Körmend in Western Hungary, a few kilometers from the Austrian border. The performance included a "well produced program" of the ensemble’s old “classic” choreographies as well as more contemporary favorites. Director of the ensemble is Korbacsics Tibor – whose entire family is involved. Bendő Band has been accompanying the group for the last 25 years. “…Watching the performance I wondered, why is it that the Budapest dance groups can’t produce more dancers that move so naturally – like traditional dancers [informants]…the performance didn’t strive to be more than folk dance ever has been: an esthetic, dance dialogue between man and woman, a source of pleasure both to those watching and those doing it. The audience is drawn in, rather than being repelled… I saw a community there on the western perimeter…” By ethnographer, film maker, professional folk dancer Sztanó Hédi.