44th National Táncház Festival & Fair • 4–6 April 2025
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Past and present of the dance house movement – By Diószegi László (dancer, choreographer, organizer, teacher). As the dance house movement celebrates 40 years since the first Budapest event in the spring of 1972, more and more accounts come forth – each one bringing new insights and information on a movement that has nearly become an institution. The táncház has been dedicated to, and based on, preserving and popularizing traditional village music, dance and folk arts of this region. Its teaching methods have gained world-wide recognition. Today there are two large-scale yearly events in Budapest that have grown out of the movement: the National Dance House Festival (Táncháztalálkozó) at the end of March, and a traditional crafts fair held in the Buda Castle Area every August 20th. Departments at the Hungarian Academy of Dance and Liszt Academy of Music train talented young people to be professionals in folk dance and music. There are scores of camps, workshops, dance groups and bands that have grown out of, or embraced, this movement and provide social life and events including folk music and dance all over the region.