44th National Táncház Festival & Fair • 4–6 April 2025
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On Petrás Incze János – by Kóka Rozália. Petrás was a Roman Catholic monk, who was born in the Hungarian village of Forrófalva (Faraoani) in Moldavia on September 13, 1813. He went to secondary school in the town of Kézdivásárhely (Târgu Secuiesc) in Transylvania, studied theology in Eger, Hungary, became a monk in 1834, and in 1836 a priest. He was sent back to his native Moldavia as a missionary and spent the rest of his life there serving the Roman Catholic church in the Hungarian villages of Pusztina (Pustiana), then in Klézse (Cleja) where he died in 1886. During his life he maintained ongoing contact with the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, sending them the results of his collection work on the traditional songs, life and customs of the Csángó Hungarian Moldavian people. His collection work was recently honored at a conference in Eger.