43rd National Táncház Festival & Fair • 5–7 April 2024
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Love and courtship in the village in ‘the old days’– Kóka Rozália’s column. This is the story of a man from Bukovina born in 1895. He served in WW I, married quickly during the war when home on leave, but had to report back to service immediately. He was captured and was a prisoner of war. After 3 years he was finally released and walked home. By then his wife had a baby from another soldier. Completely distraught, he left the village and went to do farm work in Moldavia where he eventually met a girl he wanted to marry. He was Catholic and divorce was unheard of. After some time, the church decided that his very quick wedding during the war could be annulled and he was able to marry the woman he spent the rest of his life with.