44th National Táncház Festival & Fair • 4–6 April 2025
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Review: Berecky János: A Magyar népdal új stílusa I–IV. [The “new style” of Hungarian folk song] Akadémiai Kiadó. Budapest. 2013. This publication presents the results of Berecky’s in-depth 20 year study of ‘new style’ folk songs. In Hungarian folk music research, when identifying songs and melodies the musicologists make distinctions between ‘old style’ and ‘new style’ tunes and songs. The emphasis on folk music research has mainly been on the ‘old style’ – since that has been the category in the most danger of dying out. The new style songs have not been considered as valuable. ‘New style’ refers to folklorized versions of composed tunes that crystallized into a style sometime in the mid 19th century. Printed here is folk music researcher Almási István’s review and summary of Berecky’s book and research – a presentation given upon release of the book on September 11th, 2013.