44th National Táncház Festival & Fair • 4–6 April 2025
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Two short stories by Kincs István 1867–1942, priest, journalist, children’s writer: lived in Western Hungary. Sometime in the 1860s there was colony of Hungarian hussars stationed in the Czech city of Pardubitz/ Pardubice. The hussars were sad and homesick and continuously escaping from the barracks. It was decided that the cure would be to send them a band of Gypsy musicians from Hungary to lift their spirits. The second story is about Gypsies of the village of Nagyabony/Veľké Blahovo (today in southwestern Slovakia near the Hungarian border). The vajda of the Nagyabony Gypsies was a musician. When their favorite person Kossuth Lajos left Hungary, the Gypsy vajda decided they should leave too. As they prepared to leave, a letter arrived for the Gypsy vajda. They couldn’t read but assumed it was a letter from Kossuth calling them to go play for him in exile. When they found out it was only a letter calling them to Pardubitz to play for the Hungarian hussars stationed there – they decided not to go.