44th National Táncház Festival & Fair • 4–6 April 2025
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Remembering traditional bagpipe maker Gadányi Pál (1932–2022) born in Tótújfalu, Somogy County Hungary. As a young man Gadányi studied carpentery and started a tambura band in his village. From the 1960s he began to make the "4 piped bagpipes" of the Dráva River region. This instrument is known along a 100-150 km stretch of the Dráva River – so, in Hungary along the border with Croatia and Slavonia. This kind of bagpipe is a crossover instrument between the Hungarian and Croatian bagpipes. This writing tells also about Gadányi Pál’s repertoire and the author’s personal experiences working with and collecting from him. Gadányi Pál was awarded the title of "Hungarian Master of Folk Arts" in 2011. He was the last bagpipe maker to learn his special craft and to play his instrument in his own archaic peasant community. By Szabó Zoltán.