44th National Táncház Festival & Fair • 4–6 April 2025
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Interview with folk musician Kerényi Róbert "Szigony"– Part One. Kerényi Robi plays Moldavian and Gyimes (Transylvanian) wooden shepherd’s flute. His connection to this particular music and instrument began in a Budapest dance house. At some point early on he made the decision to give up his job teaching at the college of engineering to focus on music. He first went to Transylvania’s Gyimes region to learn from the traditional flute players there in 1988. Ever since, his path has been focused entirely on traditional Moldavian and Gyimes wooden flute music, and on learning straight from the traditional musicians in those two regions. He has played with the Tatros and Szigony bands and was a driving force in the Gyimes and Moldavian dance houses at Budapest’s Marcibányi Square Cultural Center. He studied with Gyimes traditional fiddler Zerkula János (1927–2008) for 10 years. To be continued. Interview by Grozdits Károly.