44th National Táncház Festival & Fair • 4–6 April 2025
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Interview with Bolya Mátyás folk musician, ethnomusicologist and new director of the Folk Music Department at the Liszt Academy of Music. Bolya Mátyás talks about his plans as newly appointed director of the folk music department now in existence for 15 years, with 80 students. He stresses the importance of communication in the department, looks back on the process of institutionalizing folk music instruction in Hungary since 1990 and discusses use of all tools available for teaching in the 21st century. He mentions a blending the tasks of folk music research, the revival and the university sphere and the need for clarification. Folk music is still getting used to it’s position at the Liszt Academy amongst classical music and vice versa. He mentions notions of: scientific folklorism, artistic folklorism, representational folklorism and educational folklorism. "When we go to a folk music concert at the Academy of Music nowadays, we hope for a musical experience, not simply an illustration." By Mester Ágnes, Academy of Music 2022 September 30.