44th National Táncház Festival & Fair • 4–6 April 2025
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Conversation with Mihályi Gábor – director of the Hungarian State Folk Ensemble. Mihályi has been a member of the ensemble for forty years. Management offered him the dance ensemble director position in 1996, when director Timár Sándor retired. Ever since, Mihályi has been director of the dance ensemble. His main source of inspiration has been Transylvania, though he also names the tradition preserving groups that survive from the Pearly Bouquet movement. He talks about working with the concept of national consciousness and keeping the ensemble and repertoire contemporary. The main circle of thought: tradition – from which they strive to establish culture and art of the 21st century. Presently he works with artistic and music director Pál István „Szalonna” on running the ensemble and formulating repertoire, naming three types of productions: authentic, folk revue, contemporary. The State Ensemble continues to be one of Hungary’s main professional folk dance ensembles. They are funded by the Hungarian government and continue to fulfill an important role in cultural policy. By Csinta Samu.