44th National Táncház Festival & Fair • 4–6 April 2025
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Old writings still interesting or relevant today in táncház circles – P. Vas János’s column. Excerpts on fire from a lexicon of Hungarian superstitions which was left to the Museum of Ethnography in manuscript form by folklorists Szendrey Zsigmond (1879–1943) and his son Szendrey Ákos (1902–1965). „Fire in the heating oven must be carefully tended, one must please it, because if not, it could take revenge on a careless housewife…the fire must not go out. Housewives do not like to give away fire, because the child’s dream, peaceful nights, and even the family’s luck may leave the house with it.” On ’new fire’: „…embers and coals do not last from generation to generation. Once a year new fire must be made in the ancient way…on Saint Anthony and Saint Florian’s name day…” There are various ways to protect a house from catching fire. When bringing the new fire home, one must be very careful not to insult the old fire or it will burn the house down. In some places to protect the house they throw a bucket of water on the roof on Palm Saturday. If a house does catch fire, simply putting out the fire isn’t enough, to stop the house from burning down one must run a circle around the building naked…and so on.