44th National Táncház Festival & Fair • 4–6 April 2025
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The Hungarian Heritage House’s network of institutions. As a national cultural institution, in 2017 Budapest’s HHH began the work of organizing a network of related institutions both within Hungary and outside the borders. Goals of the network are: organizing events, collection work, passing on live traditions, to encourage and strengthen initiatives in folk dance, folk music and folk arts and crafts. They are also involved in summarizing collection work done in the various regions, returning collections to the place of origin, identitying areas that have not been researched, and organizing ethnographic collection work. "We could say that this is the 24th hour [in terms of dying out customs] but then researchers have been saying this is the final hour for close to a hundred years now." Summaries are provided on the status of network projects in Bihar County, Zala County, Transylvania, Slovakia, and Transcarpathia with key people and cooperating organizations named in each area. By Csinta Samu.