44th National Táncház Festival & Fair • 4–6 April 2025
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Horváth Csaba is a dancer, director, choreographer. He was a soloist in the Honvéd Ensemble and worked with Novák for 5 years before spreading his wings to take off on his own creative path. He names Novák’s production of "Hungarian Elektra” as the work that influenced him the most. After seeing it in 1984 he knew he wanted to do that kind of dance theatre. Attracted to both dance theatre and authentic folk dance, he names Novák’s work "Tünderkert" (Hungarian and Romanian folklore treasures choreographed in parallel) - as an ’unforgettably uplifting experience’. He describes Novák’s work in "Kőműves Kelemen" and "István a Király" as ’important large scale projects that reached a larger audience, opening the eyes of many to the importance of traditions’. "…Tata always took an interest in his students’ work, sometimes with harsh criticism sometimes quieter, but he always expressed his opinion."