44th National Táncház Festival & Fair • 4–6 April 2025
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Fülemile Ágnes: Traditional dance and its memory in Magyarvista – A rich traditional dance culture existed in Magyarvista until the end of the 1970s. Erzsi Pista (1889-1971) was well-known in the village and in the neighboring villages as a wonderful dancer whose good humor and enthusiasm was welcomed at dance events. Mátyás István Mundruc (1911–1977) was another well-known dancer in the village known particularly for his talent and skill with the local men’s dance, the legényes. Mundruc also taught many young men of the village to dance the legényes. Another good dancer mentioned was Székely János. Dance events included weddings and dances around Christmas, Easter, Pentecost. Dances (or balls) occurred also in connection with the springtime traditions of measuring the sheep’s milk and hiring of a cattle herder. Until the end of the 1950s there were seperate dance events for adults and for the young people with seperate bands hired for each. The bands that served the traditional music needs of the village were: Nagycsipás’ band from nearby Banffyhunyad/ Huedin and later on Samu Banda from Bogartelke/Băgara and Burállók band from Magyarlóna/Luna de Sus. By the 1980s-1990s no new generation that would organize dance events had emerged amongst the youth of the village - thus the spontaneous dance life all but died out. Reprinted from: Martin György: "Mátyás István 'Mundruc' - Egy táncos egyéniségvizsgálata". Hungarian Academy of Sciences/Mezőgazdasági Kiadó. Budapest, 2004. pp 57-59.