43rd National Táncház Festival & Fair • 5–7 April 2024
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A Peasant Boy Emigrates – Part 3. Lives of Bukovinan Hungarians – Kóka Rozália’s column. In early January 1957 three Bukovina Székely Hungarian boys decided to leave Hungary and find the world, because it seemed like the Soviets would be ruling Hungary for a long time. After many months in a refugee camp in the Balkan Mountains, in October of 1957 Lőrincz Gergely signed a contract to work in a Belgian mine. He travelled to Belgium, then after working in the mine for two years, he moved on to Germany. First he worked on the estate of a ’Baron Arentin’ in Bavaria. He was injured at work and spent half a year in hospital. He married, they had a son, but his marriage was not happy; his wife was dishonest about money. It ended in divorce. Over time he got German citizenship and was hired by the postal service in Munich, where he worked until retirement in 1989. At some point on a visit to Hungary he met a sweetheart from his youth, Etelka. They were both single – she was a widow, he was divorced – so they decided to spend whatever years they had left, together. He moved to Baja, Hungary in 1991 where he finally found a secure home and peaceful life.