44th National Táncház Festival & Fair • 4–6 April 2025
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Conversation with Both Miklós – new director of the Hungarian Heritage House. After 20 years with Kelemen László as head of the Hungarian Heritage House (HHH), this government funded institution has named a new director: Both Miklós. Besides the main center in Budapest, HHH has been expanding into a network of related institutions. New director Both Miklós is a musician who has been involved in the dance house movement since the mid 1990s. He began working at HHH in 2019, already knowing many of the other employees there for years. He plans to reorganize inner workings of the institution, forming groups with an administrator in each group, thus freeing up the other colleagues to concentrate on work in their area of folklore. Both Miklós names three types of people that participate in ’the movement’: there are the researchers; the performers – the dancers and musicians that perform folk material that has been collected by the researchers; and the organizers. He intends to encourage cooperation between other folklore organizations. By Csinta Samu.