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New publication: Jávorszky Béla Szilárd: 80 Szomjas év [80 Szomjas years]. Kossuth Kiadó, Budapest 2021 – in Hungarian. This is a book on the life of the late Hungarian film director Szomjas György (1940–2021). The author worked with Szomjas in the weeks before he died, with Szomjas telling his own life story in seven sessions recorded on dictaphone. Szomjas planned the book together with Jávorszky, who writes: „It is Szomjas’ memoir – it is his book and his story”. Szomjas’ films are visual documents of Hungarian popular life. He directed fiction films, documentaries and TV programs. Music was important or took a main role in most of his films. He loved both rock and roll and folk music. A portion of his work documented Hungarian traditional music – both Budapest’s revival folk movement and the traditional village master musicians. This book was released on November 26, 2021.