44th National Táncház Festival & Fair • 4–6 April 2025
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Four new recordings: reviewed and recommended. „…So, the question is: Can the new folklore – created by this or that folk or world music project or band, for concerts, festivals and dance houses – be sent out to anyone outside of these circles? Here are four records that deserve recommendation to a wider circle...” The four records are: Kalász Banda: „Mozgásban” (Fonó 2021); Szabó Dániel and band: „Pázsint – Népzene Székelyföldről és a Felső-Maros mentéről” [Folk Music from Transylvania’s Székelyföld and Upper Maros Region] (Fonó 2021); a children’s record by Paár Julcsi’s Hangoló project: „Kerekutca” (Fonó 2021); Nagy Gábor and Pál István with Csizmadia Anna: „Ördögmuzsika” (self released 2021). Reviews by Rácz Mihály on langolo.hu 2021.10.28.