43rd National Táncház Festival & Fair • 5–7 April 2024
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The 25th National Solo Folk Dance Festival was held October 29-31 in Békéscsaba, Hungary. This two day dance competition for adult folk dancers is held every 2 years. A jury of folk dance experts rates the dancers and decides on awards. Busai Norbert was president of the jury this year. The best men dancers recieve Golden Spur awards, the women Golden Pearl awards. There are first time winners, second time winners and ’eternal’ holders of these awards. This year 14 special awards were also given. Dancers compete with three dances: two compulsory dance progressions and one improvised dance of the dancer’s choice. Entrants either dance solo, or in a couple. „This year for the first time in six years, there wasn’t a difference in level of dancing expertise between the compulsory performance and the improvised performance…The tempo of dance technique development is at times frightening...” List of winning dancers in the Hungarian article. Report by Fodor Zsófia, photos by Majnik Zsolt.