44th National Táncház Festival & Fair • 4–6 April 2025
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Young Masters of Folk Art. This article briefly discusses the process of application to earn this title and procedure of assessment by juries of folk arts experts. The article concentrates on applicants for the title of Young Master of Folk Arts in the folk dance category. The author himself is a folk dancer who holds this title and who has been serving on the juries for this section since 2017. This year he was surprised when for the first time since he’s been involved in the jurying process, the decision of the jury of folk dance experts was overridden by the committee at the Ministry and the title was bestowed on a dancing couple that had not been amongst those chosen by the jury of dance experts. In light of this, the jury member who wrote this report resigns from further related jury service. He states that when the decision of the jury of dance experts is not respected, there is no need to continue. By Dr. Ónodi Béla, certified dance teacher, university professor, Young Master of Folk Arts.