43rd National Táncház Festival & Fair • 5–7 April 2024
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Romani design/Romani culture – this article touches on several areas: the design work of two sisters Varga Erika and Varga Helena, who „place authentic costume in a contemporary context”. Also described is a series of exhibitions at Budapest’s Museum of Industrial Arts wherein contemporary designers are invited to produce new works inspired by pieces from the museum’s collection. There is comment on the relationship that the Hungarian Romani community has with religion (Roman Catholic and Orthodox) and on the Csatka Pilgrimage (in Northwestern Hungary): „Csatka is an important pilgrimage destination for Gypsies of the Carpathian Basin”. Finally Hungarian Roma music is briefly described mentioning ’city Gypsy music’, the most famous Hungarian Roma composer Dankó Pista (1858-1903), and use of the water jug and spoons as instruments in traditional Roma music. By Molnár Tímea.