44th National Táncház Festival & Fair • 4–6 April 2025
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New publication – Jávorszky Béla Szilárd: Kása Béla fotográfus (Kossuth Kiadó, 2021. Budapest, Hungary). Photographer Kása Béla (born Pécs, Hungary 1952) was educated as an art photographer in Köln, Germany (diploma 1979) and worked for both Stern and GEO magazines. He went to Transylvania the first time in 1973. Ever since then he returns regularly to photograph the village people. Main themes of his photography have been: the Transylvanian village musicians and their families, herders of Hungary’s Hortobágy region, wandering Gypsies of Dobruja, Transylvania, Moldavia, potters of Körösrév/Vadu Crișului (Romania), Irish Travellers, India’s Rabari tribes. He has exhibited in Europe, USA and in India. Béla „always finds the soul and tone for whoever he’s photographing”. Excerpts from the book.