44th National Táncház Festival & Fair • 4–6 April 2025
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Lakatos Károly – Hungarian story teller from Pálpataka/Valea lui Pavel in Transylvania’s Székelyföld region (Harghita County, Romania) received the title Master of Folk Arts in August 2021. Lakatos Károly was born in 1949, one of 8 children of a Székely Hungarian family in an isolated rural area of western Harghita County – where he still lives. Archaic traditions have survived longer in this remote area given that electricity and paved roads are newer additions. He has earned a living by raising Hungarian long-horned cattle, forestry work and making wooden toys and decorations. Lakatos Károly’s story telling falls under the ‘creative’ category (as opposed to the ‘reproducing or duplicating’ type). He creates his own stories using traditional story motifs. To date, 157 of his stories have been recorded. He was discovered by the folklore researchers about five years ago. His repertoire is currently being prepared for publication. One of his tales: „The Blacksmith and Mary” accompanies this report by Magyar Zoltán.