44th National Táncház Festival & Fair • 4–6 April 2025
Starting page: 26
Szomjas György – who chronicled a world destined to be forgotten. A discussion of the work of the late film director Szomjas György (1940–2021) as regards to the dance house movement and folk music. Sebő Ferenc talks about a trip to Transylvania with Szomjas György in 1972. Sebő also notes two of Szomjas’ feature films important for their use of folk music: „Talpuk alatt füyül a szél” and „Rosszemberek” – both so-called outlaw (betyár) films. In addition to his other film work, Szomjas „became the chronicler of the dance house movement…his value in this area is undisputed and imperishable. He took on the task of dealing with [the dance house] in film. He noticed and listened to everyone [from the movement, from the period] who was worth listening to.” Interview with Sebő Ferenc by Grozdits Károly.