44th National Táncház Festival & Fair • 4–6 April 2025
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Conversation with Kelemen László – director of the Hungarian Heritage House (HHH). This year the HHH marks 20 years since it was established. Kelemen László was a key person in the process of rethinking/reformulating the institutions that became the HHH as a government institution with Kelemen as director. His goal has been to build a secure structure to house the Hungarian State Folk Ensemble and various folk archives, provide a „home” for the dance house movement and support education towards keeping folk culture alive. He talks about the importance of developing and using ‘virtual’ means for information sharing and stresses re-teaching/reintroduction as the next important phase – meaning a process of reintroducing folk arts (music, dance, song, crafts, story-telling) back into their original habitat. Kelemen’s mandate as director runs out this year and he wants to hand things over to the younger folks. He intends to obtain a PhD from the Academy of Music and return to his native Transylvania to develop the already established Transylvanian branch of the HHH. By Csinta Samu.