44th National Táncház Festival & Fair • 4–6 April 2025
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A bit of ethnography for the radio. A piece on the rules for living the old peasant life; all areas of life were regulated. Certain kinds of work were done on certain days of the week and there were the days when work was forbidden. Across Hungary baking bread and washing clothes was forbidden on Friday and Saturday. In many places spinning and sewing was not to be done on Friday or on Tuesday. A young man could go courting only on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. A second piece tells about magic and spells. There were recipes for attracting a sweetheart, sending away a witch or a storm, casting a spell on someone, curing the ill. One example: it was said that the bones of a frog caught on Saint George’s Day worked very well for attracting a lover. Many of the things needed to cast spells or to cure the ill had to be collected either at dawn or at midnight, from 9 places, or from the cemetery, in silence and so on. By Pócs Éva from „Kis Magyar néprajz a rádióban” RTV, Minerva, Budapest. 1978.