44th National Táncház Festival & Fair • 4–6 April 2025
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Farewell to Czilika György „Gyuszi” 1958–2021 traditional musician from Bogartelke/Băgara, Kalotaszeg Region, Transylvania (Cluj County, Romania); known as the last of the great lead fiddlers of the Czilika family dynasty of musicians. His son became a classical musician. Czilika György played at weddings, village balls, christenings in his region of Transylvania: Magyarvista/ Viștea, Türe/Turea, Bogártelke/Băgara, Nádasdaróc/ Dorolțu and Inaktelke/Inucu in Cluj County. From the mid 1990s he was often invited to Hungary to play for dance house events. His music is preserved on at least 3 recordings and on you tube.. Having the honor of accompanying him, the typical Czilika style ornamentation and his clear, honest and kind blue eyes are rememberd. By Henics Tamás.