44th National Táncház Festival & Fair • 4–6 April 2025
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Dance for children in traditional life of Jobbágytelke/Sâmbriaș, Transylvania. The researcher quotes mainly from interviews with folks from the village born before WWII. Dances for the ‘little ones’ were usually held separately from the adult dance events. Children meant elementary school children under the age of 14. Dances for kids were held around Carnival, Easter or in the summer. Fewer musicians played than for the adult dance events: perhaps violin, cimbalom, sometimes only a clarinet, flute, etc. The dance learning mainly occurred in a spontaneous way. Sometimes adults would come to watch, then perhaps show the kids something. The musicians and location were paid for the same way as the adult dance events: in hand made straw hats. The kids’ dances were held in people’s homes, in barns, perhaps outdoors in good weather, often danced barefoot. Mostly children were not allowed at the adult dance events. They ‘kids dance’ started at 2pm or so and lasted until dark. By Dóka Krisztina, includes bibliography.