44th National Táncház Festival & Fair • 4–6 April 2025
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Women’s Traditional Costume: Jobbágytelke. This writing focuses on the costume worn on holidays and for dance. Jobbágytelke/Sâmbriaş is located in the Marosszék region of Székelyföld, Transylvania, Romania. Today it is located in Maros County/județul Mureș and is part of the Székelyhodos/Hodoșa municiple district. The author got much of her information from personal ethnographical interviews conducted mainly between 2003–2005 with village residents. The costume, made originally of home-made, handwoven fabrics changed here too, gradually over the 20th century with the appearance and increasing availability of factory-made fabrics and city fashion. There is mention of the dance house movement’s positive influence on appreciation of their local costume. Today the local costume is worn mainly by the local folk dance group, for holidays and other folklore events. By Dóka Krisztina.