44th National Táncház Festival & Fair • 4–6 April 2025
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Reviews of five new Hungarian folk music recordings on the Fonó label: Cimbaliband/Danics Dóra: Iram “…the best pop band in Hungarian folk life, or the best folk band in Hungarian pop life”. Lajkó Félix & Vołosi – the polish string band with Hungarian fiddler from Voivodina region of Serbia.”…the best world music string production”. Balogh Melinda – Napkerék: authentic style Transylvanian Gypsy folk music with singer from Jászberény (Hungary). ”…the key is her alive and radiant person, natural, effortless singing style…”. Lakatos Róbert and Rév: Révület “…this time Lakatos Róbert focuses on folk music of his region: Southern Slovakia, and the best segment thereof not only in place but in time…”. Gyimesvölgyi Népzene Kostelekről (Folk music from Kostelek/Coșnea in Eastern Transylvania’s Gyimes Valley) features authentic folk music by singers and musicians of Kostelek: Vaszi Levente, Vrencsán Anita, and Zúgató Band. Reviews by Rácz Mihály 2019 June 26. langologitarok.blog.hu