43rd National Táncház Festival & Fair • 5–7 April 2024
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Excerpts from a volume published in 1986 (Magvető Press, Budapest) containing personal diary entries, letters and narrative by Bukovina Székely wood carver Lőrincz Imre (1904–1995). The book tells his life story on the path from his native village of Istensegíts/Țibeni in Bukovina (Romania) to his final destination – the town of Majos, in Hungary’s Tolna County (today part of Bonyhád). This is a WWI story. In August 1914, the church bells in Istensegíts rang announcing the beginning of the war. That day the men in the village had to pack their bags and go off to war. Lőrincz Imre was 10, his father kissed him, told him to be good and to take care of the farm and the family. They never saw him again. His father died of dysentery as a Russian prisoner of war in Turkistan in 1915. Kóka Rozália’s series: On History’s Road.