44th National Táncház Festival & Fair • 4–6 April 2025
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Even though "Páva" – the Hungarian folk music and dance talent competition broadcast live on Hungarian TV has been going on since 2012, it was 2018’s show series during the advent season that brought on this criticism. A statement during the program by an unnamed professional from a ‘relevant national institution‘, provoked this negative review. The statement in question was: "...traditional peasant culture no longer exists therefore it is the task of the city institutions to perpetuate and present it." "...Naturally this comment is taken out of context and the person who said it doesn’t actually think the way this sounds. We think that the work of the public institutions, organizations, associations in the city that present and preserve folk culture so that folk song, folk music, folk arts can be used any day by anyone and in an everwidening sphere – is of utmost importance – but the question [always] is: What and how? [In the meantime] it must be noted that folk arts [practice and promotion] has become a sought-after source of livelihood...". Amongst criticisms: "...material taken from peasant culture is presented with sugar-coated behavior and acrobatics in a spectacular with ‘revue’ elements and over-done costume..." Páva "...is no longer a community building program with the aim of presenting our valuable [folk heritage] – instead it is simply a show, reflecting the notions of a few TV producers and consultants....." By Kovács Norbert "Cimbi".