44th National Táncház Festival & Fair • 4–6 April 2025
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12 Bricklayers. A Transylvanian tale of 12 Hungarian bricklayers who worked on a Romanian construction crew in the city of Zilah/Zalău. They could go home every two weeks. Once, on the way home, their truck driver stopped to eat at an inn. The 12 Hungarians waited in the truck. After awhile two of them went in for a beer. Romanians inside the inn soon began to harass them for speaking Hungarian and provoked a fight that ended in a brawl outside between 130 Romanians and the 12 tough Hungarians. Finally police arrived that took the Hungarians to jail in the nearby town and tried to beat them into signing false statements about the fight. They held out until an acceptable statement was produced. Later after a Hungarian representative in Romanian Parliament took the 12 bricklayers’ accounts of the incident to Bucharest, they were arrested and beaten again. As it turned out, amongst the Romanians that attacked them, there was one Hungarian who claimed to be the godson of Nicolae Ceaușescu leader of Romania’s severe totalitarian government. By Széki Soós János.