44th National Táncház Festival & Fair • 4–6 April 2025
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An inventory of the Final Hour project. This December marks the end of a project documenting traditional village music to be found today in areas inhabited by Hungarians. The project began in 1997. During this time the repertoires of 47 bands from Transylvania, 25 Bands from Slovakia and 40 bands from Ukraine, Western Romania, Yugoslavia and Hungary have been documented in the studios of the Fonó Music Hall in Budapest. Each week a different band was brought from a different village. A total of 1250 CDs worth of material has been recorded for archival purposes and 15 CDs of selections from specific areas of Transylvania have been prepared for commercial release. More CDs of the material collected, are planned for commercial release under the Új Pátria series title. A complete listing of the villages (accompanied by the old county names used by the Hungarian researchers, but not by contemporary map-makers) covered within this program can be found in the Hungarian article. Report by Árendás Péter