44th National Táncház Festival & Fair • 4–6 April 2025
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From táncház to remix Ghymes is a Hungarian band from Slovakia where the band members still live. In the wave of popularity of the dance house movement, they formed their band in 1983 and have been playing Hungarian folk music ever since. In this interview with Szarka Tamás, the band's lead violin player, there is a lot of discussion about the changing character of their music. Over the last couple of years the band has enjoyed more and more popularity amongst a wider and wider audience. Their most recent CD „Smaragdváros” [Emerald city] is being handled by EMI and is currently being distributed in six eastern countries. They are now number 11 on the radio world music hit lists. With their music they want to reach a wider and wider audience. As Szarka Tamás put it, „maybe we are dancing on a knife blade, because we are using a lot of drum and synthesizer....this is the way we like it.” Interview by Abkarovits Endre