44th National Táncház Festival & Fair • 4–6 April 2025
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Kodoba Márton, April 1941– August 2003. Kodoba Márton was a traditional fiddler from the village of Magyarpalatka (Palatca) in the Mezőség region of Transylvania (in Romania). His father was a fiddler, most men in his family were and are musicians. He was a member of the reknowned „Palataka band” which played and plays regularly in villages all over the Mezőség area. Since the revolution of 1989, the Palatka band has also played regularly all over Hungary and has travelled to play in Slovakia, Austria, Germany and Holland. Countless recordings have been made of this band. This band has been one of the main examples for the dance house movement. He died after a tragic accident during a summer folk dance and music camp in Válaszút, Transylvania. „He was a wise person. Kindness and humanity radiated from him.... We have lost an irreplaceable man. There is no one whose playing could show us the strong, rugged Palaka music more beautifully” By Árendás Péter, Virágvölgyi Márta, Maruzsenszki Endre