44th National Táncház Festival & Fair • 4–6 April 2025
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New Publication: Abkarovits Endre: (Dance house portraits) This book is a collection of interviews with key persons involved in the dance house movement. After 30 years, very few Hungarians have documented the movement in any way – the movement itself has been busy documenting, learning and preserving the rural dance and music traditions. Some of the interviews have appeared in the FolkMAGazin, some in other periodicals. This book makes a significant contribution of written information about the dance house movement. In Hungarian. Published by Hagyománok Háza. Budapest, 2003. Page 14 Kilenc Kiss Ferenc (9 Kiss Ferenc-s) – A portrait film about musician Kiss Ferenc. An Etnofon Folk Music production. Printed here are excerpts from the script of the film under headings: signs of wandering, origins, patience, religion, betrayal, aurochs, equipment for survival, national feeling, ending. Writer/music composition – Kiss Ferenc Director: Kálmár András, Producer: Novák Péter