42nd National Táncház Festival & Fair • 14–16 April 2023
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Theory of opposite movements in the creation of dance motifs in Hungarian folk dances. Fügedi János examines the sequence of movements and appearance of opposing movements/or gestures in dance motifs of selected traditional dances, as an exercise in analyzing the structure of improvised dances. Such analyzation could give information on learning to better reconstruct and improvise these dances while also providing information on how new motifs could be created that would fit in with the dance tradition. Visual aids – that is, the dance examples referred to in this scientific article, can be viewed on the internet in two places; either in the archive of the FolkMAGazin’s home page, by searching this article, or – on the server of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences Institute of Musicology at www.zti.hu/tanc/ellentet.