41st National Táncház Festival & Fair • 1–3 April 2022
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Domján Lajos 1933–2022 was a folk dancer, soloist, choreographer, dance ensemble leader, dance teacher. Born in the village of Csanádapáca in Southeastern Hungary, he went to Budapest early on and danced in the SZOT Ensemble from the 1950s. He was a student of Molnár István and as such carried on Molnár’s legacy. He was a prominent member of the BM Duna Folk Dance Ensemble. Starting in 1964 he took on the task of leading and developing the amateur ensemble in the Tápió region east of Budapest, centered in the town of Nagykáta. The Tápiómente Dance Ensemble went on to perform locally and with great success at national and international festivals in some 40 countries of the world. He was well respected for his work with the ensemble and for preserving culture of the Tápió region. Many of his students went on to become folk dance teachers, cultural organizers. By Tarnavölgyi László.