41st National Táncház Festival & Fair • 1–3 April 2022
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On History’s Path – Kóka Rozália’s series. This is the story of Father P. Illés Albert a Catholic priest whose came from a family of Székely Hungarians who left the village of Hadikfalva/Dornești in Bukovina in 1941 for resettlement in Hungarian territory. He was born in 1952 in Hungary’s Tolna County. Upon completing secondary school in 1970 at the Piarist Gymnasium in Kecskemét, he decided to become a priest. In 1975 in his 3rd year of seminary, he and two other classmates were thrown out and barred from attending any other university in Hungary. They had written down and circulated the speech (amongst classmates) for Cardinal Mindszenthy’s funeral that had been broadcast on Radio Free Europe. Mindszenthy had died in exile. The three seminary students were arrested, interrogated and tortured. After spending 3 monthes in hospital, he was allowed to train for ambulance work, then he worked in that field for awhile. In 1979 he became a priest and served in a series of posts all over Hungary. In 1986 he was able to continue his studies in Hungary, then in Münich and Innsbruck, entering the Order of Jesuits in 1988. He has since served in many communities until recently receiving a new post as priest in the town of Felsőszentiván in Hungary’s Southern Great Plains region.