41st National Táncház Festival & Fair • 1–3 April 2022
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A school known as the Lorántffy Zsuzsanna Elementary School of Music, has since 2001 officially been called the Kodály Zoltán Elementary and Secondary School of Music. It is located at Marczibányi tér in Budapest’s second district. This is Boda Péter’s story. In the early 1950s he began elementary school there in a “normal” (not music-focused) class simply because the school was the nearest one to his home. When he was in 3rd grade, he was transferred to the music class, as the test case: how would a student who had no talent or ear for music, fare in such a class. He continued with the music class until the end of 8th grade. Since it was clear that he would not continue studying music, he went on to a secondary school with a different emphasis and became an architectural engineer who was not sorry to have studied music as a child. Interview by Grozdits Károly.