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Page 4
An interview with Juhász Zoltán - musician, ethnographer, electrical en gineer, father of five children, who has recently writ ten a book on Pál István, an elderly shep herd bagpipe player from northern Hungary. By Kormos Valéria.

Page 5-6
Nagy Gábor writes about a Christ mas custom of Palóc - an area in north ern Hungary - where in the shepherd of the community went from house to house on the 24th of De cem ber to wish every family well.

Page 7-8
Part III. of Kiss Ferenc's report on the current status of folk music in Hungary.

Page 9
Pesovár Ernő speaks on the 90th anniversary of the birth of the great Hungarian dancer and choreographer, Molnár István.

Page 10
The 1998 Woodcarvers National Conference was held from October 9-11 in Szombathely and Velem, Hungary. Next year's conference will be in Gébárt in Zala County. Report by dr. Bánszky Pál

Page 11-12
Article on dance culture during the Hungari an periods of enlightenment and reform until 1848 and its influence on Hungarian folklore. By Novák Ferenc.

Page 13-14
The Kalamajka Ensemble celebrated its 20th birthday on December 5th, 1998. A few words about the history, mem bers of the band, guest artists and colleagues through out the years and their táncház on Molnár utca in Budapest. By Nagymarosy András

Page 15
Verbunk as historical tradition and living tradi tion.... Pesovár Ernő's opening words at the verbunk festival in Gyula, Hungary on June 28th, 1998.

Page 16-17
An article which appeared in the Magyar Nemzet (1998 October 17) about director of the Hungarian State Folk Ensemble, Sebő Ferenc's plans for the Corvin tér 8: center for research and archive and a national dance the atre. By Devich Márton.

Page 17
In an open letter to Sebő Ferenc, Berán István registers his disagreement with Sebő's voiced im putes for his plans for Corvin tér 8.

Page 19
The Téka Ház, is a (Hungarian) cultural center and foundation located in the town of Szamosújvár (Gherla) in the Mezőség region of Transylvania in Romania.

Page 20
Announcing documentation collection for Táncház Archive in Budapest. See Hungarian announcement for addresses and phone numbers. Director: Halmos Béla. Assistant: Juhász Katalin.

Page 21
Announcement of potters' con ference on May 2, 1999. Information: dr. Kresz Mária Foundation in Budapest. See Hungarianan nouncement for address and fax/phone number.

Page 21
List of upcoming folk arts exhibitions at Korona Galéria in Nyíregyháza, north eastern Hungary.

Page 22
Szerényi Béla proclaims 1999 as the year of the hurdy-gurdy. See article in Hungarian for his addresses and list of news and events.

Page 24-25
Táncház-es and folk clubs

Page 26
News about festivals, táncházes, bands and folk dance ensembles in Transylvania. By Záhonyi A.

Page 27
Announcing the 18th annual National Dance House Festival and Crafts Fair, 1999 March 27-28, at the Sports Hall in Budapest.

Page 28-29
"I'll plow up the main street of Buza...." Császár Attila describes and names the extraordinary people; singers, musicians, dancers, he has met doing field work in the village of Buza (and surround ing area) in the Mezőség region of Transylvania.

Page 30
Between August 2 and 9, 1998, a busload of people from Hungary went to the first folk dance camp in Külsőrekecsin (Fundu Ra caci u ni) a Hungarian village in Romanian Moldavia. Záhonyi András reports.

Page 34-35
The Forrás Folk Dance Ensemble from Százhalombatta, Hungary was on tour in Argentina and Uruguay from October 22 - November 16, 1999. Travel report by director, Szigetvári József.

Page 35-37
Agócs Gergely musician and ethnomusicologist from Slovakia writes on rural and urban tradition and musical training. From his lecture given at a conference on tradition in education on October 4, 1996.

Page 38-39
Kocsán László on the traditional dance, music and folklore of the Jászság people - a report on existing research and the renewed interest in the traditions of this area which has its cultural center in Jászberény 60 km east of Budapest.

Page 40-41
Based on an article by Derek Schofield, information on the history of folk song collection in England upon the 100 year anniversary of founding the English Folk Dance and Song Society

Page 45
New publications in Hungarian from the Planétás publications series, "Jelenlévő múlt" (the present past or perhaps like the past perfect tense...(S.F.)). "Hungarian music history"; "Spinning, warping, weaving".

Page 48
Juhász Katalin writes about folk songs starring Székely historical hero of the 1848 uprising, Gábor Áron.

Sue Foy

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