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Page 5-9
An interview with Eredics Gábor as the Vujicsics Ensemble celebrates it's 25th birthday. By K. Tóth Lázsló.

Page 9-10
Kocsán László describes some of the folk customs and beliefs of the December and New Year season from the Jászberény area, 60 km east of Budapest. Here are sayings, incantations, greetings and customs for pig killings, Lucia day, Christmas, and the New Year.

Page 11-12
Szánthó Zoltán reacts to a statement written by Tímár Sándor in the previous issue of folkMAGazin. Here the theoretical question is whether or not it is "correct" to mix Hungarian and Gypsy dance motifs during a dance, point in case: Kis-Küküllő/Szászcsávás. Of course the answer from any upstanding dance researcher from these parts or well informed táncház movement dancer, would be that it is okay to do so, if they dance(d) it thus in the village or area in question. (Once again we see how easy it is for those on the outside to point the finger of authenticity and call the "ethnic police" on each other. All anyone involved in the "business" of imitating the music or dance from a certain place is trying to do, is presumably be as ethnically correct as possible while trying to recreate some magic in the material that originally inspired them. There will be eternal problems in this endeavor and eternal arguments. S.F.)

Page 16-17
The "Masters of (Hungarian) Folk Arts" as sources for the folklore revival movement; dance personalities. Part 1 of a series. By Gombos András.

Page 18
Report on the 1999 International Seminarium of Young Ethnochoreologists in Guilford, England at the Surrey University. By Gombos András.

Page 20-21
Táncház-es and folk clubs

Page 27-29
Kiss Ferenc, active composer, record publisher, musician gave 20 performances in colleges and universities across the US this fall with singer Szvorák Kati and a new band called Kőfaragók. "We fulfilled precisely that dual task of, both introducing Hungarian traditional music - it's regional differences (the "dialects") and the instruments - and (showing) how today's composers use this music". In this interview by K. Tóth László, Kiss Ferenc also tells of the many projects he is working on in music, theatre and new and planned releases of recordings from his record label Etnofon.

Page 29
The Szászszorszép Dance Ensemble from the town of Martonvásár (located 35 km south of Budapest) celebrates its twentieth birthday with two performances: one in Martonvásár on Dec 11. one in Budapest at the "FMH" on Dec. 12th, 1999. Announcement by artistic directors Németh Ildikó and Szabó Szilárd.

Page 30-31
Report and personal commentary on the 19th Folk Dance Festival in Szolnok, Hungary. by Szigetvári József. This bi-annual festival is one of Hungary's largest and most well known competitive juried festivals of adult folk dance groups. This year's festival was held on November 20-21.

Page 32-33
A book in memory of the well respected composer and conductor Vass Lajos was published early this year entitled "Vass Lajos emlékezet", written by Bónis Ferenc.

Page 34
Announcement of a new book by Paksa Katalin : Magyar Népzenetörténet (Hungarian folk music history). Book price 1800 HUF. The 2 CDs which accompany the book may apparantly be purchased seperately.

Page 39-40
About the "Betlehemes" custom of Christmas pagent-plays amongst the Bukovina Székely people now residing in the town of Érd just south of Budapest.

Sue Foy

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