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Timár Sándor – choreographer, dance educator – celebrated his 70th birthday on October 2. 2000 Through an interview with Hollókői Lajos, we learn alot Timár's life. Here the concentration is on the early years leading up to the Bartók Ensemble and the begining of the táncház movement that he was a key figure in starting. Starting from a childhood in the farm area of Szolnok, he later got much inspiration and training from the great dancer Molnár István and then as a contemporary and friend of Martin György. A life long inspiration for Mr. Timár has been in teaching dance.

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At the beginning of this month, the Hungarian Minister of Culture appointed Kelemen László to be commissioner of a project to start a "Traditions House" (Hagyományok Háza), which will function at Corvin ter 8 in Budapest until its permanent home is finished next to the soon to be built (long in planning) National Theatre. The "Traditions House" is intended to be archive and literature, audio and video library – with the goal of making authentic materials on Hungarian folk culture available to the public. (from an article by Hanga Piroska in the newspaper "Magyar Nemzet". 2000 Dec. 7.)

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The Christmas Shepherd's dance Pesovár Ernő's lecture on dance movements or traces thereof, within the custom of Bethlehem pagent plays during the Christmas season. Traditionally groups of men went from house to house in the villages everyday until Epiphany (January 6th) reinacting the Christmas story. While Pesovár explores the dance movements occuring within these traditional skits often having a shepherd theme, we get a good look at the various formats of this tradition as practiced from western Hungary to Bukovina (near present day Ukraine in northeastern Transylvania).

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Magyar Rádio Rt held a folk music competition for bands of young people between the ages of 15 and 25, the final round of which was on November 26, 2000. A jury of respected professionals in the field awarded the following: Söndörgő Ensemble I. prize; Csürrentő Ensemble II. prize; Ifjú Muzsikás Ensemble III. prize

Page 19
Millennium "Sokadalom" – an old expression for market From June 23rd to Aug 20th, 2000, a series of celebrations was organized in 7 different provincial cities in Hungary and Transylvania with the grand finale at Heroe's square in Budapest during St. Stephen's day (a national holiday). The celebrations included folk music, folk dance, street theatre and crafts markets. Report by Stoller Antal.

Page 25
Announcing release of a new recording of traditional music from the Kis-Küküllő region of Transylvania. Recommended by Könczei Árpád, the recording features Bárdosi Ildikó, the Téka Ensemble, Juhász Zoltán and Németh Ferenc.

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Kiss Feri interviews Tóth István Zoltán, director of the newly formed Center for research on a national image. This center is involved in exploring both Hungary's self image and what the outside world thinks of Hungary and Hungarians. Amongst the many theoretical and philosophical subjects brought up within the scope of this conversation, were Hungary's presence at such world wide events as the Sydney Olympics, the Hannover World Fair and upcoming world exhibitions, ideas such as initiation of Hungarian restaurant chain and public opinion of the Hungary's Milleneium celebration and its budget, and much more.

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Henics Tamás tells about the Hungarian Millenium celebration in Sydney, Australia, where musicians Dresch Mihály, the Csik Band and others were hosted by the local Kenugró Ensemble and Transylvaniacs Band. Apparantly it was a good party.

Page 34
Dance Personalities Vén Ferenc of Drágszél, Hungary Vén Ferenc, now 80 years old, has all his life worked in agriculture or related jobs in the area of southern Hungary near Kalocsa. As a young boy, he was already recognized amongst his peers at village children's dances for his dance ability. His talent and affinity for the dances of his native locale has remained with him throughout his life. He has been a leading figure in every form of dance group of the area throughout the years and the various changes brought on by wars, history and the changing times. He earned the nationally recognized title of "Master Folk Artist" in 1980. Films of his dancing are on file in the National Archives
. By Andó Ilona

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Borbély Jolán's report on a festival held in the town of Végvár (Tormac) from September 24-26, 2000. In an area apparantly known as the Bánság, and in this town which lies in Temes County of Romania, near the south eastern corner of Hungary, this festival was hosted and organized by the local Hungarian Calvinist church. The outcome of this festival (both performances by, and dance workshops for children and young people of the area) is reported to be initiation of field work collection and professional cooperation in this previously nearly ignored area – to be lead by dance researchers from southern Hungary,
Felföldi László and Gombos András.

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A conference on folk tales was held in "Újvidék" (the area of northern Serbia with a heavy Hungarian population). Here three Hungarian ethnographers; one from Transylvania, one from Hungarian northern serbia and one from Hungary comment on story telling. Interview by Szántó Márta printed in a local Hungarian newspaper.

Page 40
Bársony Mihály – media star. Letters written from all over Hungary which arrived to the late traditional hurdy-gurdy maker and musician after his appearances on Hungarian TV in the early seventies. At that time there was one television station in Hungary. Anyone appearing on it was imprinted on the mind of the nation. Letters arrived to this rural village instrument maker from old friends longing for a musical instrument, descendants of famous insturment makers, old neighbors,... By Szerényi Béla, Sue Foy - as usual all names of people except mine here, have been written "the Hungarian way", with the family name preceeding the given name.

Sue Foy

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