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Page 3
The present and future of the táncház in Transylvania – article by András Mihály of Csíkszereda (Miercurea Cuic), director of the Hargita...Folk Ensemble. "Will the dance house inTransylvania survive?" – The answer: "Of course! There always were and always will be (dance houses), as long there is a world."

Page 5
Hungarian film director, Szomjas György is currently shooting (and may already be in post production) – a film on the táncház. The Title: "VAGABOND" This will not be Szomjas' first film involving music and contemporary urban Hungarian society. After years of research and preparation via countless TV programs and documentary films on traditional musicians... This should be interesting... Report by Benkő András

Page 8
Letter from Timár Sándor read at an event marking the 30th anniversary of the first táncház held in Budapest. "The dance house is 30 years old" – at Corvin tér in Budapest on May 6th, 2002, featured screening of two classic old films followed by dancing and gossip to music supplied by Halmos-Sebő-Éri nostalgia band. Event was organized by the Dance House Archive.

Page 13
Tükrös Ensemble's New CD Just returned from tour in Australia and on their way to the USA this summer, Tükrös has released a new CD, including music from Gömör region, Abaújszina (both found in the so-called "Felvidék" area), the upper Tisza region and Magyarpalatka. Announcement by Árendás Péter

Page 15
Lily in a rock garden CD by Berecz András – "today's Hungarian shaman". Berecz is famous in Hungary for his renditions of traditional folk tales and his singing. Finally a CD with samples of tales. English translation of tales and songs come with the disk. Review by Juhász Katalin

Page 16
Tátika Ensemble celebrates 15 year anniversary This singing group lead by the reknown Bodza Klára, gave a concert at Corvin tér in Budapest on May 4, 2002. Report by Mrs. Rudas Bajcsay Márta

Page 21
List of the music, dance and handicraft summer camps in 2002.

Page 27
Gyimes – The Babba Mária people An exhibition of photographs by Endrődi Péter was at Marcibányi Square Cultural Center in Budapest from March 27th – April 15, 2002. "...seems he has found the key...to this closed, extraordinary group of people....they let him in, with his camera..." Review by Sándor Ildikó

Page 32
News clips from the VII. dance festival held in Zalaegerszeg, (western) Hungary on May 9-13, 2002. by Záhonyi András

Page 33
Report by András Mihály on activities of the Hargita National Székely Folk Ensemble (a professional dance group) and its training group of Hargita County – the area around Csíkszereda in Transylvania (Romania).

Page 36
Khamoro dance association – conversation with Farkas Zsolt and Szitai Mária, leaders of a course on Gypsy dance that started out in February of 2002. After two monthes of work the group has already had their first performance... classes' good atmosphere characterised by live traditional gypsy music and the relaxed style of the teachers. See article by Bander Csilla in Hungarian for time and location, e-mail address, etc.

Page 37
Part IV – The Jászság verbunk Kocsán László continues his quest of reviving and rediscovering the verbunk of his home area of central Hungary.

Page 43
Lent and the black sheep Soós János' column on culture of the Transylvanian village of Szék - K. Mari's family of shepherds.

Page 46
Conversation with Agócs Gergely – folk musician, folklorist, personality from the area known as Palóc – upper Hungary "Felvidék". By Abkarovits Endre

Page 51
Bagpipers of Hungarian Moldavia part III. by Stuber György

Page 53
Letter to Juhász Zoltán From Stuber György Sue Foy As usual, all names of people here (except mine), have been written "the Hungarian way", with the family name preceeding the given name.

Sue Foy

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