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New Publication: Pávai István: Magyarózd népzeneje Horváth István gyűjései tükrében – The Folk Music of Magyarózd as Reflected in the Collection of István Horváth. Hagyományok Háza /MTA BTK Insititue of Musicology. Budapest. 2015. In Hungarian and English. Includes DVD-ROM. Magyarózd/Ozd is located in Maros County, Romania – in Transylvania. Mr. Pávai is one the most knowlegable ethnomusicologists working in this area. He is from Transylvania and has been actively involved in research in the area since at least the early 1970s.

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At an awards ceremony on November 5th, 2015 at the Pesti Vigadó in Budapest three outstanding Hungarian artists will be named Artist of the Nation. This award is bestowed by the Hungarian Academy of Arts. On November 5th, 2015 architect and interior designer Ferencz István, choreographer Foltin Jolán, and sculptor Szerváttiusz Tibor received this national honour.

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Csurgó Band celebrates 20 years. They are based mainly in the town of Szekszárd in Hungary’s Tolna County. They do folk music programs for children in the area, also play for dance houses, and work with several folk dance ensembles in the region. In December they expect to release their 3rd record of children’s material, and will celebrate their 20th birthday with a concert and dance house on December 12th, 2015 in Bonyhád. Report by Siklósi Krisztián.

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The Muzsikás Ensemble’s children’s dance house is still going on. Though Muzsikás has a full schedule of concert engagements all over the world and regularly travels all over Hungary doing concerts for children in schools; they still make time to hold their children’s dance house on Fehérvári út in Budapest. They have been doing this for more than 40 years. By Veszprémi Attila - first published in Új Pedagógiai Szemle 2014, 9-10.

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Four humorous folk tales on death: preparing for death, thinking about death, a crypt, and a corpse that woke up. Selected by Kóka Rozália in light of November 1st, 2nd’s All Saints Day and Day of the Dead from Péter László’s book Kërësztapám nadrágja – Magyar Művelődési Intézet. Zenta/Senta, Serbia. 2011.

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Female vocalists Jitka Šuranská, Irén Lovász and Michal Elia Kamal have released an album entitled Tři hlasy / Three Voices. The three singers got together thanks to a project called Folk Holiday in Náměšť nad Oslavou, Czech Republic. Michal Elia Kamal is an Israeli singer of Iranian descent, Irén Lovász is a Hungarian singer and Jitka Šuranská is a Czech singer/violinist. Their multi-cultural collaboration is reviewed by Fehér Anikó.

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The music and records of cymbalom duo Balogh Kálmán and Lukács Miklós have made world music charts top lists and the duo was selected to perform during the recent 2015 WOMEX festival in Budapest. The introductory/congratulatory speech for the two musicians printed here includes a bit of history on the Hungarian pedaled concert cymbalom – the first of which was built in 1874 in Schunda Vencel József ’s instrument factory in Budapest. By Liber Endre.

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The 2nd Sztána International Folk Informational/Documentary Film Festival was held in the village of Sztána/Stana in the Kalotaszeg region of Transylvania in Romania, August 28-30, 2015. The film festival focuses on Transylvanian and Hungarian themes in customs, tradition, folk art and ethnography. A jury of five Hungarian experts chose the awarded films. Report includes commentary and interview with festival participants, bringing out differences between ethnographical documentation and documentary film on folk traditions aimed for wider public and TV. Report by Kovács László.

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The fur cloak – szűr – of the Bakony region - Part II. “There is no wind or snow storm in the Bakony that a shepherd’s fur cloak will not protect him from...” This writing gives us a good idea of all the things that this extraordinary piece of outer wear was good for, while also pointing out the differences between the ones worn by shepherds and those worn by swineherds. It includes a tale about a 19th century cannon ball found in a farmer’s field and a Jewish tavern keeper. By Eötvös Károly (1842-1916) – a Hungarian writer, lawyer, politician best known as the defense counsel in a notorious case related to anti-Semitism – from Bakonyi utazás. Vitus Aureus Veszprém, Hungary. 2008. pp 246-253.

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Stories from Szék. The Old Couple – A conversation between an old husband and wife that goes from old lovers and jealousy, to love, forgetfulness and the fact that they’re already in line for the inevitable death. From Kocsis Rózsi’s writings published by Juhos Kiss Sándor.

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Héttorony or Seven Towers is the name of a Hungarian music festival as well as a piece of music composed by Kiss Ferenc. Both were inspired by the Hungarian pavilion for the 1992 world fair in Sevilla, Spain which was designed by the late Hungarian architect Makovecz Imre (1935-2011). Makovecz was a proponet of organic architecture. He was also inspired by traditional Hungarian art. This is the story of a Hungarian who went to Sevilla in the summer of 2015, and searched for Makovecz’ pavilion. Unfortunately he found it in a sad state of disrepair and isintegration. By Henics Tamás.

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Foods of Finnougric language relatives east of the Ural Mountains - Community Porridge. Amongst the Udmurt and Mari peoples, for traditional community celebrations (after sowing, harvest, etc.) the animal appropriate to the type of celebration was/is selected and communally paid for, slaughtered and cooked – boiled – in cauldrons outdoors. The meat is taken off the bones and returned to the pot, then some kind of grain – barley, oats, etc – is added to the pot, and cooked to make a „mush” with meat, which is eaten by the community. Every part of the processs was done according to custom and ritual significance. From conversation with dr.Kerezsi Ágnes – a leading expert on Finnougric peoples. By Juhász Katalin.

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