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Theoretical Discussion, Critique Fitos Dezső’s choreography entitled ’Kaluser’ which was presented by the Zemplén Dance Ensemble on February 18 at the Folk Dance Anthology in Budapest, provided the material that sparked this discussion on authenticity and folklore choreography. Commentary by Ónodi Béla, Fitos Dezső, and members of the jury for the Folk Dance Anthology.

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New publication: Fügedi János- Takács András: ’A BERTÓKÉ ÉS TÁRSAI’ – Traditional dances of the village of Jóka. Published by: Csemadok-Dunaszerdahely, Hungarian Institute of Musicology and Gyurcsó István Foundation Books, 2006. In Hungarian. Jóka is a predominantly Hungarian village in the Matyusföld region of Southern Slovakia.

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New Publication [From the tattered memories of the bagpipe of the Hungarian plains]’ Foszlányok az alföldi duda emlékeiből’ By folk music researcher Hankóczi Gyula, published by himself, 2006. A book in Hungarian.
Review by Kozák József

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Book review ’Etelközi fohászok’ - A selection of Hungarian Moldavian prayers and religious songs. In Hungarian. By Harangozó Imre and Kővári Réka. Published by Ujkígyós: Ipolyi Arnold Főiskola, 2005. Review by Bakó Katalin

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Flótás Ensemble’s new record: ’Fordulj e nap felé’ [Turn toward the sun] Perferic records 2006 BGCD 159 Traditional Hungarian Moldavian music
Review by Bakó Katalin

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New recording: Csobános – Hungarian Moldavian music featuring traditional musician from Moldávia, Legedi László István. Recorded at Etnofon studio 2006 Feb.

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Announcement – competition Hungarian traditional songs and music related to wine, wine making, grape growing, wine drinking. Entry deadline: September 8, 2006. Sponsored by Hungarian Grape and Wine Culture Kft, Village Museum of Szentendre and Etnofon Records.

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New recording: Söndörgő ensemble: Oj Javore Summarizes the last ten years of this band’s work playing traditional music of the Balkans.
Review by Bolya Mátyás

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’Örök Kalotaszeg’ – ’Eternal Kalotaszeg’ - Farkas Zoltán a.k.a. ’Batyu’’s new choreography for the Hungarian State Folk Ensemble. Premiered in December of 2005. Review by Lévai Péter, who liked it.

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10th Csűrdöngölő Children’s and Youth Folk Dance Festival was held in the town of Csíkszereda [Miercurea Ciuc] in Transylvania on December 16th, 2005. 26 folk dance groups from Transylvania participated. Report by Bodi Ildikó

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In memory of Bartók Béla Poetry, quotes from Nagy László, Csoóri Sándor, Ratkó József, Szilágyi Domonkos

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Juhos Kiss Sándor’s paintings Originally from the Transylvanian village of Szék, this painter studied at the Arts Lyceum in Kolozsvár [Cluj], then at the University of the Arts in Budapest. In 1993 he recieved the Barcsay Award, which enabled him to make a study trip to Italy.
Introduction by writer Széki Soós János

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List of Hungarian folkdance and music camps for the summer of 2006.

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Conversation with Magyar Kálmán, discussing his work in promoting Hungarian culture in the USA, where he lives. Since his arrival in the U.S. in 1962, Kálmán, along with his wife and family, has devoted his life to and been a tireless organizer of folk events, folk dance and music groups, performance and teaching tours for Hungarian folk dancers and musicians and other Hungarian artists – also establishing a museum in New Jersey and other organizations for Hungarian folk arts in the USA.
Interview by Abkarovits Endre

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Darmos István makes connections between the ancient symbol of the labyrinth found all over the world and the sacred symbolic content of some ancient forms of Hungarian dance, particularly the ’válltánc’ related to the women’s circle dances done during lent.

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Shepherding in Borzován, Gömör region, South Central Slovakia Part two of this study describes the herder’s tools, hiring the herders, related celebrations and traditional dances of the village. By Krivdova Éva

Sue Foy

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