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Fonó Music Hall and Civil Rádió – celebrated 10th anniversary in September. Conversation with Hollókői Lajos – Managing Director of the Fonó since April of 2004. Following a period of serious financial crises, the Fonó tries to stay afloat, resurrect its record label and continue doing business providing a venue for traditional Hungarian folk, jazz and other musics and dances of the world. Hollókői describes something of this process.
Interview by K. Tóth László

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Folk musicians on the rock stage. Members the Kormorán Band have gotten together with fiddler Salamon Beáta (Méta Ensmeble) and player of various wind instruments, Csávás Attila (Honvéd Ensemble, Bekecs Band), plus Barvich Iván (Sebő Ensemble) to form the KMB Band. KMB toured in Hungary this summer, in July they began recording for a record and will be playing at the Fonó Music Hall on Oct. 11th, Nov. 8th and Dec. 13.
Announcement by Kolbe Gábor

Page 8
Cérna Miklós – Hungarian 86 year old story teller – from Oromhegyes (Tresnjevac), Serbia. Mr. Cérna recieved the Hungarian Master of Folk Arts award on August 20th, 2005. Here he tells a little bit about his life. "He has helped a lot of people, young and old with his tales – he is history."
Tómó Margareta – first appearedin "MagyarSzó"  2005 September 1.

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Europeade 2005 – conversation with Varga Edit – newly appointed as Hungarian Europeade senator. This year the 42nd Europeade was held in the French town of Quimper – a four day meeting of folk tradition preserving groups of dancers, musicians, singers, costume, arriving from every country of Europe. Varga Edit – a tireless, unique figure in the Hungarian folk dance movement. For her: Life is folk dance. Folk dance is life. How many generations of folk dancers have grown up with her, how many groups has she delegated for performances abroad, and how many years has she been serving folk dancers with unbelievable love and humility? Here she discusses the Europeade.
Interview by Szigetvári József

Page 14
Székely Folk Ensemble was on tour in Spain, Portugal, Canary Islands for 38 days in 2005. They gave 24 performances and also visited the French Riviera and Italy, arrriving back to their home in Transylvanian town of Csíkszereda (Miercurea Ciuc) full of new experiences and perspectives. Tour manager: Miklós Kata. Support for the tour came from the hosting festivals along with the Budapest Székely Circle and four private Hungarian supporters who escorted the group on tour.
Report by Director of the Ensemble, András Mihály

Page 16
Conversation with Novák Ferenc – Folk dance choreographer, ethnographic researcher. "Tata" was born in Transylvania in 1931, he founded the Bihari Children’s Dance Ensemble in Budapest in 1954. He has been artistic director of the Honvéd Ensemble since 1983 and is the recipient of numerous state honours for his life work. "...There are 5 professional folk dance ensembles in Transylvania, 4 in Hungary. For now. Amongst those there are some whose survival is questionable. Thanks to the present cultural politics, there are some cultural institutions that will be unable to pay their employees by the end of the year. The present government is completely...i llegally withholding support funding from culture, this will put us out of business... ...I’m not crying back the government of before 1989, but at that time, a good deal more money was spent on culture. The powersat that time, compensated for their tomfoolery by supporting the arts... ...if things keep on like this, I’m moving back to Transylvania."
Interview by Szucher Ervin

Page 18
Poetry by Széki Soós János, initiates a new arts column in FolkMAG. This new column plans to focus each issue on the work of a different artist from the dance house movement circles.

Page 28
Reports on five folk dance-music camps in Transylvania – Summer 2005 – in the villages of Gyimesközéplok (Lunca de Jos), Kalotaszentkirály (Sancraiu), Kommandó (Comandau), Vajdaszentivány (Voivodeni) and Mezőtelegd (Tileagd).
Záhonyi András

Page 31
Authenticity and re-creation. Conversations about the Pontozó (men’s dance) from Magyarszentbenedek – part II. In the wave controversary following the outcome of the 2005 Legényes Competition held in Budapest in mid April, here are conversations with jury member, Farkas Zoltán "Batyu" and first place winner, Balla Zoltán. Discussionof many aspects of the competition, this particular pontozó, dance and movement in general, communication with the musicians, performance style and of course what is involved in re-creation of the dance of a traditional dancer. Recommendations of the interviewer: the doors to such competitions must be opened up somehow to a wider circle and the dance material to be performed in the competition should be announced and made available to the competitors earlier.
Dr. Nagy Zoltán

Page 36
Our Flute – part one. Kozák József discusses the wooden flute foundin the Hungarian langauage area. It is unique from European flutes and flutes from other parts of the world in that as a six holed flute, the wind opening rather than being on the same side as the sound holes – is on the back side of the flute. This aspect makes it possible for the flute player to change the position of his lower lip to produce additional sounds in a parallel octave or 5th. According to the tradition, the flute player also more or less growls into the flute,the resultant sound accompanies the rhythm of the tune.

Page 38
Conversation with cymbalom player, Balogh Kálmán. Includes information about Kálmán’s family, childhood, his musical training, preferences in music, bands he has worked with, toured with and made recordings with. Interesting observations on cymbaloms of other parts of the world in comparison to Central and Eastern European cymbaloms. Presently he is a full time member of the Budapest Dance Ensemble’s band, while also leading his band, the Gypsy Cymbalom Band. Interviewer: Abkarovits Endre.

Sue Foy

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