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Page 3
A conversation with a Hungarian fiddler from Gyimes, Transylvania, Zolti Finánc Antal about his youth, customs and playing music.

Page 4
Refl ections on the first International Folk Music Festival at Tabán in Buda in September, 1994. The weather was cold and rainy and the audience was relatively small at the outdoor performances, but the sights and sounds and organisation were superb.

Page 6
Talking to Transylvanian poet Sándor Kányádi by Anikó Fehér

Page 8
András Bankó reviews Tamás Kiss Kobzos' recent cassette "...not only to keep one eye on folk music; instead a more precise picture comes from keeping one eye on folk music and the other one on old music".

Page 12
"We were in Strakonice." Ottó Zachár writes on points of interest at this years meeting of bagpipers and it's hosting city in the Czech Republic.

Page 13
Táncház-es and folk clubs.

Page 14
Critiques of two dance festivals; The Chamber Dance Ensembles Festival in Zala and the National Meeting of Cooperatives' Dance Ensembles by György Demarcsek.

Page 15
Preview of the upcoming 1995 Táncház Festival and Arts and Crafts Fair.

Pages 16-l7
Poster; Emerik Moldován and Károly Mácsingó – two musicians from Magyarpalatka, Mezőség, Transylvania – both of whom passed away this year.

Page 18
"Interesting things have happened to us... we travelled at ten thousand meters hihg, the band to Mexico, the cimbalom to Guatemala... a two hour show – unforgettable!" A short history of the Dűvő Band on it's fi fteenth anniversary.

Page 20
"Néptáncosok Szakmai Háza" (a folkdance library and information center) recommondations: casettes, folkmusic, workbooks, publications, school and pre-school teaching materials.

Page 20
Notes how the Méta Ensemble got started and how their club has functioned for ten years now. by István Berán

Page 22
Review of the Újstílus Ensemble's cassette "Vásárfia".

Page 26
"...that the tree should know it's trunk and love it's branches and roots because without them it cannot live." András Berecz' thoughts on classical music, folk music and the lasting value of Zoltán Kodály.

Page 26
Táncház in the preschool – How can an appreciation for our customs and traditions be taught to young children? One attempt that is working.

Page 27
A humorous article on the origins of foreign words in the Hungarian language.

Page 28
How long will the ethnic and folk musicians have to keep doing everything themselves if they want to have a good concert? by Károly Horváth

Page 28
Article about music heard at the Budapest International Fair and the Irish and Scottish music played by the M.É.Z. (acronym for not understood band in Hungarian) Band

Page 29
If it's unacceptable that someone's life and work should be nipped in the bud so early because an incurable disease, then all we can do is honous his memory. In remembrance of the late Béla Szűcs, talented young dancer and dance teacher.

Page 29
The twenty-second volume of the Hungarian Folk Arts series has just been published; Embroideries of Zoboralja by Aranka Kocsis.

Page 30
Finally! The Falkafolk Ensemble's cassette has come out.

Page 32
"Immaculata" – József V. Molnár on Christmas.

Sue Foy

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