42nd National Táncház Festival & Fair • 14–16 April 2023
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Interview with young fiddler from Hungary’s Zala County, Laposa Julianna. She grew up in the tiny village of Tekenye surrounded by her extended family and as much of a traditional lifestyle as exists today in Western Hungary. Julianna switched from classical violin to folk music – as prímás - when she was 16. She studied foreign languages in secondary school and university, and spent two years studying abroad on scholarships in France, Belgium and Slovenia. She is active in reviving traditions in her native village and the surrounding area and is intensely interested in “music mediation” to bring people closer to folk music. In 2017 she received Hungary’s Junior Prima Award, has been named amongst the 50 most talented Hungarian young people by La Femme magazine and has been mentored by celebrities such as Sebestyén Márta and Rúzsa Magdi. By Kertész Dalma.